Go (Coco)nuts for Tropical Hawaiian Hydration


The weather is finally nice out and it’s time to break out the summer clothes. As the sun starts shining brighter and spring turns into summer (in just a few days!) we are going to start spending more time outdoors. Before we know it we’ll be flaunting a springtime glow and a carefree summer attitude. Weekend beach trips and walks in the park never sounded so refreshing! Of course this also means that we will start to feel the impact of the sun on our skin – and it’s never too early to start preparing a hydrating regimen.

It is so important to hydrate during the warmer months, both by drinking a ton of fluids – be on the lookout for an upcoming post on the new water brand I’m obsessed with! – and by using skin moisturizers and exfoliators. Not only will these help you feel good but they will increase your skin’s elasticity and make it look great as well. I’ve always been one to try out a ton of different creams and lotion to find the perfect match and when I came across Ola Tropical Apothecary’s new Summer 2016 collection I realized I had found my perfect match!

Ola Tropical Apothecary is Hawaii’s first natural beauty line, where the products are all-natural and organic, locally sourced and sustainably grown in Hawaii. They are also made and packaged by local artisans and are an authentic part of the Hawaiian tropics that can now be found on my dresser! The summer collection ranges in products from Body Lotion to Bath Rituals and was inspired by ancient Hawaiian wisdom and tradition.

The products come in the following scents: Rainforest, Coconut, Pikake (Hawaiian Jasmine), Plumeria and Passion Fruit.


I tried out the Coconut Body Lotion and Coconut Sugar Body Polish and fell in love with them – nothing reminds me of summer like the amazing scent of coconut oil! When applied in the morning post-shower, the body lotion hydrates my legs for the entire day and I do not need to worry about dry, cracked skin. It is particularly great for post-sun use because the apothecaries blend Aloe Vera juice and Coconut Crème with Avocado, Mango, Passion Fruit and natural oils. The Aloe Vera is especially soothing to sunburnt skin.

The body polish exfoliates the skin all throughout the body and is a great and easy option to use every other day or every three days if you have more sensitive skin.

I love that this collection supports local Hawaiian businesses and that by purchasing these products we can support them as well, while at the same time getting our own little piece of beautiful Hawaii delivered right to our doorstep!

The Coconut Body Lotion retails for $29 for an 8oz bottle and the Coconut Sugar Polish retails for $30 for a 13oz container.

Stay Classy & Happy (Almost) Summer! xx