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Cocoa V Is The Vegan Chocolatier NYC Has Been Waiting For

The owner of Blossom du Jour opened her latest vegan business venture in Chelsea. The chocolate shop is located in a quiet area of the city, surrounded by other gourmet sweet eats and boutiques. The ambience and space leaves little to the imagination, with just a few stools for seating and the kitchen covered by just a curtain, making the experience truly intimate.

POTW: Splendid Spoon

POTW: Splendid Spoon

Don’t you just love how your cravings change with the weather? Although what we’ve been dealing with in NYC is 60 degrees one day and 20 degrees the next (what is happening?!) I’ve realized that you can’t go wrong with a bowl of warm and […]

The Classy Foodie Gift Guide

With Cyber Monday already here, we know December is somehow creeping upon us *already*. Now that Turkey Day has passed the world has started to shift to winter holiday mode, making you start to think about all of the gifts you still need to buy. I’ve […]

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