Sprinkles x Care Bears #SprinkledWithCare

On Jan. 10th, Care Bears celebrated their 35th Birthday at Sprinkles on the Upper East Side – and I was lucky enough to join in on the sweet, sweet fun!

Before we get into the recap of the party (and yes, I think the little purple Care Bear on the above left had a little too much champagne!), there’s an important matter of business to discuss. There’s a cupcake ATM. Yes, it’s real and yes, it works. Need a sweet little pick-me-up when you’re running from one place to the next? Sprinkles has answered our prayers and all I can say is YAS!


Growing up I shared a room with my youngest sister, who was a huge Care Bears fan. At one point, she had a big blue Care Bear that was bigger than her. Going to the Care Bears 35th Birthday party (which wasn’t complete without cupcakes and lots of champagne, of course) was a cute trip down memory lane for me.


I’m so excited to be going back tomorrow to celebrate National Hug Day – January 21st! – with my favorite smiley bears. Hopefully my icing spreading skills improve by then… I would blame it on the champagne, but I decorated this little masterpiece before I even drank any! 😉


ALSO: Sprinkles makes Vegan and Gluten Free cupcakes. So don’t by shy about getting your fix on because YES they do cater to your dietary needs. So much love & Happy Birthday Care Bears! x

Stay Classy! xx