Boost Your Mood This Summer + Giveaway!

Stress-relieving and meditative coloring books have been a big part of pop culture this past year. Apart from yoga and meditation, this is one of the first widespread mindfulness tactics that a significant part of the public has taken part in – which is awesome! Tapping into a mindfulness practice can sometimes be what helps a person attain a happier sense of self and a more positive outlook on the world. This is what many people aspire to achieve through yoga and meditation and now with coloring books and “positivity kits.”

Lisa Currie, the Australian illustrator of Me, You, Us and The Scribble Diary has come out with a new mindfulness geared book, The Positivity Kit. This book is part coloring book, part doodle journal and part diary. Its pages feature adorable illustrations and prompts that help us tap into the things that make us happy. Doing a page in the book each day is a practice that will result in increased inner peace and happiness.


The Positivity Kit is published under Penguin Random House and retails for $15. You can purchase a copy here OR enter the giveaway below to win a FREE copy delivered right to your doorstep! You can enter starting today until June 15th and the winner will be announced on the 16th! Unfortunately, we can only ship to U.S. residents so the giveaway will be U.S. only.


How To Enter The Giveaway:

You know you want it! And I’m making the giveaway entry requirements SUPER easy – so be sure to enter!

All you need to do is:

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Good Luck & Stay Classy! xx