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Dark Chocolate Dipped Orange Wedges

Orange ya glad it’s summer? Finally! Today marks the second official day of the hottest, happiest and most relaxed season. I’ve been focusing eating a balanced diet – meaning sometimes it’s good to make yourself a cheat treat! – and have been creating some super easy […]

Boost Your Mood This Summer + Giveaway!

Stress-relieving and meditative coloring books have been a big part of pop culture this past year. Apart from yoga and meditation, this is one of the first widespread mindfulness tactics that a significant part of the public has taken part in – which is awesome! […]

Barcelona, Spain Day #2

Choosing hostels to stay in while traveling abroad can become a hassle. Hostelworld.com ended up being my go-to website during the past five months and that is how I came across The Black Swan. The rating was great – understandably – as was the staff and […]

On The Green: A Day At The Barclays

On The Green: A Day At The Barclays

            Before I start this post I have to admit something. Other than a few amateur lessons before I turned ten and a handful of medal-winning appearances at my grandma’s “Pitch & Putt” tournaments, my knowledge of golf is non-existent. […]

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