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Back To School Series ’17/’18: My Top Three Favorite Protein Supplements for Women

Back To School Series ’17/’18: My Top Three Favorite Protein Supplements for Women

Back to school season is practically a month long (and warmer) New Year’s Day. You’re super psyched about getting back into a routine of fabulous friends, learning, socializing and figuring out your place in this world – emphasis on the last one! Going into a 

Top Flavor Trend Predictions for 2017

By now, we all know that flavor makes the world go round. It is what makes each dish unique, distinguishes each culture and brings joy to our taste buds. More often than not, what brings flavor to our food and drinks also provides us with 

Adapt Your Skincare Routine: The Beauty Update You Need To Be Aware Of This Winter

Adapt Your Skincare Routine: The Beauty Update You Need To Be Aware Of This Winter

Lack of exercise and a non-structured diet, combined with the harshness of the colder weather equates to increased sick days and unhealthy skin. It is because of the lack of moisture that makes awareness of proper skincare important during these colder months. “Your skin will end up being dull and dry in the fall and winter if you don’t make an effort to keep it from being that way

Product of the Week: Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus

When it comes to doing chores, we all have that one responsibility that gets “accidentally” pushed back until the next week, and the next week, and well, if you really had a say in it, it would probably never get done. It turns out that people who 

Pretty In Pink Recharge Smoothie

There are some days when I just can’t seem to get myself motivated. I’ll have a list of exactly what I need to do, but somehow manage to keep procrastinating until enough time has passed that there’s no way I will finish everything in time. 

Dark Chocolate Dipped Orange Wedges

Orange ya glad it’s summer? Finally! Today marks the second official day of the hottest, happiest and most relaxed season. I’ve been focusing eating a balanced diet – meaning sometimes it’s good to make yourself a cheat treat! – and have been creating some super easy 

Be The Best Version of You #liveLIVELY

These past few months I’ve become way more active and appreciative of the wonderful natural activities (and food!) that the world has to offer. Even if it is just going for a quick walk in the park, working out in my my apartment or taking 

Boost Your Mood This Summer + Giveaway!

Stress-relieving and meditative coloring books have been a big part of pop culture this past year. Apart from yoga and meditation, this is one of the first widespread mindfulness tactics that a significant part of the public has taken part in – which is awesome! 

Salted Lemon Sweet Potato Chips

The first thing I like to do when coming home from a trip – especially a long one – is a quick detox of only healthy homemade snacks and meals. Arriving home from a month in Italy (posts are on their way, I promise!) I 

Let Body Positivity Shine This Spring

Let Body Positivity Shine This Spring

Spring is in the air here in London! The spring solstice officially took place this past weekend and the weather has definitely been celebrating the changing of the seasons. Warm and sunny 50 degree temperatures have been a most welcome change to the gloomy past