Sweet View: Hoboken, NJ


           There’s something about summer that can turn a pastry run into an all-day leisurely stroll. Maybe it is an innate appreciation for beautiful weather and surroundings that causes us to get excited to spend time outdoors, or a Vitamin D deficiency from months full of a chilly, cloudy, ugly pattern. Whatever it may be, this past Sunday was certainly a day of rest for me, and I have no regrets for taking the time to appreciate the beauty that was surrounding me!


If you have not been to Hoboken, New Jersey, it is definitely a place to put on your travel list. Easy to get to and full of life, this little town features gorgeous waterfront views of New York City and a plethora of adorable brunch places. Home to the original Carlo’s Bakery, Hoboken is also full of great Italian food and desserts. It has just a 1 mile radius, and features the highest number of bars per mile in the country (can I say bar crawl anyone??) It is home to many NYC professionals and the crowd is chic, young and classy. And you know what else? Everyone I walked past on my walk was smiling and laughing.

After strolling through Washington Ave., the main “downtown” street, full of brightly colored shops and restaurants, I made my way to the park surrounded by piers. On a bright sunny day it was full of young friends and couples jogging, reading, picnicking, tanning and walking. Of course I had to make a quick stop at the Mister Softee truck for my summer cheat treat of choice, soft-serve vanilla in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles. (Yes, I ate this with a Carlo’s bakery bag on my arm, don’t judge!)

There’s truly nothing like summer in the city with an ice cream cone in hand. I’m so glad that the warm days are finally here and I’ll definitely try to hold on to these chances to relax as often as possible, yum!

Stay classy! xx