Summer Trends: Pineapples

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” You know who. The same sponge that first got people talking about pineapples is who. (He’s not the classiest, and I was never the biggest fan, but you know who I’m talking about). Yet despite this increased pineapple visibility, the fruit has never been as popular as it is this summer.

The trend has taken over the fashion industry. Lucky Brand has come out with these adorable pineapple patterned flats, Pier 1 Imports has adorable must-have pineapple shot glasses, Nine West has a great pineapple tote that they’re selling at major retailers including Zappos and Macy’s, and I recently purchased this light and fun summer dress featuring, you guessed it, pineapples.


It makes sense that the fruit is trending as it is aesthetically pleasing and features a great color palette for the summer months. This has spurred an increase not only in wearing patterns of the fruit, but also eating it in new, delicious ways. My boyfriend’s favorite smoothie recipe prominently features both fresh pineapples and canned pineapple juice, pineapple gelato and ice are increasingly popular and no one can resist a slice of an upside-down pineapple cake.

Yet, as if this were not enough to celebrate the popular fruit, there is still some Hawaiian tradition coming into play. Pineapples, known as the fruit of hospitality, are beginning to trend most prominently as centerpieces. And not only that, they’re getting painted. When I grabbed the pineapple from the kitchen and brought it into my room with a bottle of paint I received skeptical and strange looks from those around me, yet when they saw the pineapple with blue leaves in the middle of the table during our Fourth of July BBQ, I think they realized everything had come together. It’s a cheap, super easy D.I.Y. and fun way to create your own centerpiece this summer, be it for a birthday, holiday, BBQ or luau. All you need is one of these dramatically playful fruits, a paintbrush and acrylic paint in a bright fun color!

            Stay classy! xx