Red Velvet NYC Makes Celebrating Life Easy

There’s always something to celebrate! Our minds and the media are always geared towards focusing on the negative. Too often we think of the things we want and don’t have instead of appreciating what we have been blessed with. When Red Velvet NYC reached out about doing a partnership with Class and the City, I had to say yes! It gave me the perfect opportunity to celebrate being reunited with my family after being abroad for 5 months and, of course, the cupcakes looked delicious!


Red Velvet NYC’s “Celebrate” cupcake baking kit is incredibly easy, adorable and affordable. They ship all of the ingredients you need for each recipe, pre-measured! This saves a ton of time and is particularly great for bakers who always seem to forget ingredients. The ingredients that need to be refrigerated, in this case; Buttermilk and Butter, come in a special thermos wrapping that can simply be placed in the fridge upon the box’s arrival at your house. For the recipe that I tried, Red Velvet NYC provided everything except eggs. Including the most adorable oven and freezer safe cupcake liners, a piping bag and gold candles!


The Celebration Cupcakes recipe was easy to follow and quick to make. The flavor of the cupcakes and the frosting is undeniably gourmet, and it is clear at the first bite that you have used high quality ingredients – much tastier than boxed mix! My family loved them and it was a great treat to bond over. I hope you all enjoy them as well! xx


The “Celebration Cupcakes” baking kit by Red Velvet NYC retails for $24 with $5 flat-rate shipping and can be ordered here!

Enjoy & Stay Classy! xx