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Product of the Week: Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus

When it comes to doing chores, we all have that one responsibility that gets “accidentally” pushed back until the next week, and the next week, and well, if you really had a say in it, it would probably never get done. It turns out that people who 

Red Velvet NYC Makes Celebrating Life Easy

There’s always something to celebrate! Our minds and the media are always geared towards focusing on the negative. Too often we think of the things we want and don’t have instead of appreciating what we have been blessed with. When Red Velvet NYC reached out 

Glam Gadgets: CardNinja

Glam Gadgets: CardNinja

Beautiful summer weather presents the perfect time to simmer down and get in touch with minimalist trends. We wear less clothing, eat less heavy food (or try to), use less makeup and hair products, and ideally, carry fewer things when on the go. My recent