Glam Gadgets: CardNinja

Beautiful summer weather presents the perfect time to simmer down and get in touch with minimalist trends. We wear less clothing, eat less heavy food (or try to), use less makeup and hair products, and ideally, carry fewer things when on the go.

My recent trip to Ocean City, Maryland was an eye-opener to how few material items I needed to get through each day. Compiling towels, sun tan lotion, books and sunglasses from multiple people into a few beach bags, we got through the day with only a few items. I spent most of the week in shorts, skirts and a few different tank tops, and flip flops, and for most of the week I let my hair do its thing and barely wore makeup. It was a freeing weekend and I loved the feeling of not being dragged down by the usual stresses, a lot of which can be caused by overload of items and thus, decisions.

My boyfriend and I went on beach walks at night to look at the stars, and all we brought was ourselves. It was such a peaceful and serene time where we truly got to appreciate the natural beauty all around us. We even saw a shooting star on our first night! It was a great opportunity to just lay back and relax while getting to know each other better sans usual distractions.

11800483_640587769311015_5424279397336787902_n            Our days at the beach went similarly due to a more minimalist packing mindset for each beach trip. The only thing that I found created a problem for me was that I have a beautiful black leather Ralph Lauren wallet, which I did not want to bring to the beach and risk getting ruined. I thus had to carry assorted cards and money thrown into different pockets of my beach bag, super unorganized and easy to misplace. If only I had heard about this cool new product, 11755176_640587782644347_7074633021769538354_nCardNinja made by the popular tech. brand, CUBI.

The CardNinja has an adhesive that attaches directly to your phone or phone case. It fits all iPhones (featured in the photos is an iPhone 5c) but if you have an LG (like me, LG G3) you have to watch out because it might cover your speakers or back buttons. It’s a classy little phone pocket that safely holds up to 8 cards and bills, which is perfect for beach days! It comes in six colors and retails for $12.99. You can find it here!

Stay classy! xx