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11753276_639758579393934_4722026412149347830_n            It has happened to me countless times where I am sitting on an early morning train en route to work, half-asleep, when it hits me. I look down at my hands on my lap and see the damage of the weekend prior, beach days, parties, cleaning, working out… and I cringe as I ask myself if I can get away with my chipped nails without anyone noticing. At my job, not a chance.10012422_639758726060586_256112433783940388_n

It is difficult to keep up with a manicure when you are actively doing millions of things each day. Not only does it become hard to fit it in professionally, but taking the time to go through a bottle of nail polish remover and a handful of cotton balls, and then to file down your nails, repaint them and let them dry, can most certainly become a hassle. Don’t get me wrong, I love painting my own nails, I find it relaxing. But when I’m super busy and don’t have time to this, it became clear that I needed to find an alternative. Because let’s face it, well-groomed nails are a big plus for an overall polished and put-together look. Fortunately I came across this easy way to make sure my nails look perfect each day, Jamberry Nail Stickers.

11698927_639758689393923_7159281213844385418_n            After days of anticipation for the package to come in the mail, I finally held my very first sheet of Jamberry nail stickers and could not wait to try them out. This morning I got up early before work and after I got ready, saw that I had just enough time to apply them. I chose this adorable peach and raspberry colored floral pattern, which will match just about anything I wear.

The application process may look a bit daunting, you’ll need scissors, a nail file and a hair dryer, but I assure 11227768_639758846060574_173776150262909479_nyou that it is super easy and takes much less time than a regular manicure. To apply the stickers I just heated the application side with a dryer for 5 seconds, pressed them onto my nails and then cut and filed the excess sticker. Super easy, and after less than half an hour, I was good to go.

The stickers should last up to two weeks (I’ll keep you up to date on this, but they seem to be on pretty well still and they’ve been on for three days!) And each sheet retails for about $15. (It includes stickers that can be used for an extra manicure and even a pedicure as well!) You can find them here!

Stay classy! xx