Okay Ladies, Now Let's Get In Formation

If you really want to lose weight and get fit, the most important factor is discipline. It’s crazy to think that every morning you will wake up at 6:30, put on your gym clothes and get your workout in before class and work. Each day will be different, some mornings you will have more energy, other mornings you will think of every excuse to make that day a rest day and stay in bed for an extra hour. Among other things, this motivation is dependent on how much sleep you’re getting, how stressed you are, what you ate the previous day and if you are drinking enough water. In the end, what it comes down to is how badly you want to achieve your goal to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle. If you are willing to accept the fact that you will need to make sacrifices for this higher standard of well-being – yes, eating ice cream every day is not a good idea – then you’re already moving one step in the right direction!

In addition to getting your workouts in, drinking a ton of water is another important key to getting in shape. Many times you will get pangs of what you think is hunger, but instead is just dehydration. Ensuring that you are properly hydrated every day – about half a gallon – will reduce your tendency to snack unhealthily and will give you more energy for workouts and other daily activities!


Another tip I’ve found helpful in disciplining myself to get fit is to plan snacks and meals in advance, and to get creative with my cooking. The past few months of having my own kitchen have been life changing for me because I discovered my love of cooking, baking and creating my own recipes. Two brands that I’ve recently started using have made my life easier because they provide a healthier option for me to use when cooking!


Heavenly Organics‘ raw organic white honey and neem honey are delicious and the perfect sweet treat ingredient to add to my creations – and in my tea instead of sugar! I drizzled some on top of my fruity toasts this morning for breakfast and a little bit of raw sweetness blended nicely with the almonds and nuts. The company creates products that are organic, fair trade, non-GMO, Kosher and made from honey collected from wild bees, which means they are pesticide and antibiotic free. (They also make delicious chocolate honey patties that satisfy my sweet tooth but are still good for me!)


Additionally, I have fallen in love with the Rich & Creamy Melt Organic spread, which is vegan and dairy-free and made from virgin coconut oil, flaxseed and sunflower, palm fruit and canola oils. It is AMAZING. After just a week, my entire family has started reaching for it instead of butter to spread on bread and toast. It tastes better than butter and is actually good for you, so you can eat it guilt-free! It isn’t sold in all food stores, but you can buy it in Wegmans and Target for sure.


Just like the cute and quick breakfast that I had this morning, getting creative with your food really can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Be on the lookout for some new quick and easy healthy recipes coming soon to The Classy Cook section! xx

Stay Classy! xx