Now Inhale – Exhale

At what point does one come to realize that breathing is an art? Especially one that we don’t take the time out of our day to do correctly. Really, when was the last time you took a nice deep breath? Or even few moments for yourself to do something you love; meditation, yoga, exercise, crafting— and don’t sell yourself short. For most of us, it has truly been a while. After the week I’ve had, a real bundle of stress and frustration, a sprinkle of good and a lot of bad, I didn’t even realize until the weekend how long it had been since I’d taken a nice big deep breath, and then let it all go.

Too infrequently do we reward ourselves with a break. We run from one thing to the next, getting caught up in waves of appointments, work schedules, train timetables, and we rush through it all before we get a chance to fully enjoy any of it. Last summer I had my first exposure to meditation and loved it. Even if you set aside the time for just a ten or fifteen minute session, you notice an incredible rejuvenation in your happiness, memory and overall appreciation of the good things that are occurring throughout your day. Just taking note of these small blessings makes a world of difference. You can find some of my favorite meditations here: .


Tried meditation and it’s not your thing? There are many people who have tried keeping a gratitude journal, writing a list each night about the good things that happened to them throughout the day, and this really creates a happier perspective as well. Others get the same benefits from an exercise regimen, a little bit of sunshine or even the relaxing sounds and atmosphere of the seashore.


I spent a much-needed day down the shore this weekend, and I have to admit that there are few places inherently more relaxing. Even the colors of the shore are bright and happy, the sound of the waves relaxes one to a light sleep and the addition of Vitamin D adds a perfect warmth to the mix. This day added a much needed change to my outlook on the stresses that I’ve been dealing with, and was a great way to reconnect with my appreciation for all things natural.

I hope everyone’s having a great, relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

Stay classy! xx