Summer Trends: Classy Nude Nails

As the “official” first day of summer approaches it is the perfect time to start preparing your classy summer looks. As it is with every season, the summer time accentuates a whole new palate of colors. Finally the time to box up your dark fall and winter clothing until next year, closets are once again bursting in the bright hues that cure us of the winter blues, aka Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

In addition to the elements featured in the bright happy warm weather

Gabriel Cosmetics nail polish in Marble.
Gabriel Cosmetics nail polish in Marble.

wardrobe, it is no surprise that there are certain colors and trends that help accentuate that coveted summer time tan. To do this, many people gravitate towards the bright and the neon, but in doing so they overlook the other great classy colors that do the trick as well.

Fortunately I came across a beautiful nail polish by Gabriel Cosmetics that is the sophisticated solution to bright neon summer nails. Called, Marble, this nail polish is a pearly nude color that with two coats is full of the delicate shine and simple color that will bring out the glow of your tan. I tried it out myself and found this to be exactly the case. Even without a topcoat (though I do suggest it!) this nail polish stayed on extremely well compared to the other brands that I’ve used in the past.

Both classy and sophisticated, Marble by Gabriel cosmetics is definitely the nail color that I’ll be using for the upcoming summer weddings and events that I’ll be attending. It’s also super affordable, when you think of all of the times you will use it, and retails for $8.50.

Stay classy! xx