Maybe it’s something about beginners luck, my daily horoscope or simply coincidence, but I’d prefer to believe that stumbling across the exciting events that I do is simply a checked box in my to-do list created for me by some higher power. Kind of a sensation that means I’m on the right track, path or place in my life. That I’m in the place where I was meant to be.

The adorable UD truck in NYC.
The adorable UD truck in NYC.

It was only my second day of working at Good Housekeeping magazine. I usually like to take my lunch breaks around 1 o’clock, it splits up the workday nicely and I never have to take it alone— even if my co-workers go earlier or later, my boyfriend usually takes his at noon, Chicago time, which works out perfectly for us with the time difference (yay long distance summers)! I went down the waterfall-surrounded escalator in the Hearst Tower and was about to let Ben know I was OK to call when I saw a crowd start to form at the end of the block.

Naturally nosy and insatiably curious, I speed-walked my way down there and

Glitter slush from UD... yes please!
Glitter slush from UD… yes please!

saw there was a private event set-up in front of an adorable Urban Decay truck. I worked my way into the line and introduced myself. Turns out, UD’s publicists had been impressively creative. They had set this up for people like me, people who worked at Hearst and kept blogs— in other words, people who would promote their products.

I honestly can say that Urban Decay has been one of my favorite makeup brands for a while now. When I started using one of their eye shadow palates, I realized that make up quality does matter and makes a huge difference. Not only does UD’s makeup stay on, but it sparkles, is easily applicable, and isn’t too expensive, especially for the quality of the products you’re getting.

For attending the event I received a refreshing UD slush, (it was close to 85 degrees and really humid) and chose the flavor, Assassin. White ginger slush ice with a few dabs of red raspberry and a sprinkle of edible glitter, it was the perfect midday snack. And it made me feel both cleansed and sharp, that on top of the world feeling you get when you’re strutting around Manhattan in a pair of red leather stilettos. And, of course, the event could not come to an end without guests each receiving a bag full of Urban Decay makeup swag, which I’m super excited to start using! Be on the lookout for product reviews on the CCG Approved page!

Stay classy! xx