Shhh, The NYFW Beauty Secret Everyone's Sipping On Backstage

This is not a drill. Fall 2015’s trendiest week in New York City (actually, the entire U.S.A.) is less than a month away. Oh yeah, this is exactly what you think. Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week has crept up on us again (September 10-17). But this time, to mitigate the usual havoc of shopping sprees, aligning the coolest, riskiest outfits to wear to the occasion and stalking designers’ social media for after-party or secret fashion show locations, you can take comfort in knowing how to survive (literally, hydration is key) the long hot week using the same technique as the Fashion Week models.


11058630_646980362005089_7749557435048477201_nBig T NYC was created by New York Fashion Week insider Theresa Krier. Working backstage at NYFW she realized how thirsty all of the models were under the bright hot lights and how none of them reached out to drink the available sodas and sugary drinks the tables were stocked with. Understanding the need to hydrate in a way that won’t bloat, Krier created Big T NYC, the world’s first couture tea. Since it’s 2013 debut, her tea is a Fashion Week must-have and the models’ beverage-of-choice. Take it from me, it’s amazing!

I tried my first cup of Big T NYC today in Tell-Tale Glow, 11219115_646980295338429_4550061515616261836_nOrganic White Tea after my run and yoga routine this morning. I spooned about a teaspoon of the leaves into a tea strainer and let it steep in my favorite teacup, for about 5 minutes. It was delicious, cleansing and the flavors were really poignant. It made me feel like I did something good for my body and actually influenced me to eat clean for the rest of the day!

This flavor, Tell-Tale Glow, is made from all organic ingredients. It includes organic white tea, goji berries,
currants, elderberries, rose petals, osmanthus blossoms and natural essential oils. These ingredients are so high in anti-oxidants that drinking a cup of this tea is meant to be the secret weapon that is zero calories, all organic, super hydrating and will keep your skin looking amazing all throughout the day. I can totally understand how this is the NYFW backstage drink-of-choice!

You can get your own Big T NYC couture tea here! The Tell-Tale Glow loose leaf tea retails for $19.50.

Stay Classy! xx