So Let's Root, Root Root For The Home Team

If there’s one name that’s on the tip of every New York sports fan’s tongue, it is Steven Matz. Just this season, Matz made his debut as a major league baseball player and the starting pitcher for the Mets. Just 24 years old (I know right!) he broke records in his first game both batting and pitching. He became the first major league pitcher to drive in four runs in his first career game! P.S. The Mets are now the #1 team in the league!

I have to admit that I’m not only a big sports fan, especially New York sports, 11406932_629157077120751_139465901491952724_nbut I’m a HUGE baseball fan. I played it all, Tee-Ball, Baseball, Softball, Whiffle Ball… and not only do I love to play, but I’ve also coached Little League and cheered on the sidelines of my sisters’ games. I’m a fan of the sport, the anticipation of each play is exciting, especially when one is attending a big game at Citi Field or Yankee Stadium. Each year I try my best to make it to both stadiums to see the Mets and Yankees play. I attended one of Derek Jeter’s last games, and unfortunately have missed my favorite player, David Wright, for the last year and a half due to untimely injuries that seem to occur just after I purchase my tickets.

The rush of these games, regardless of who’s on the field and who’s in the dugout, is incredible. Immersed in a crowd of like-minded individuals cheering on the same team (or maybe another) excites a spark of competition in each individual that creates a closer bond and connection with the game going on below. The team that you cheer for soon becomes referred to as “your” team, and if they win, that means that you win as well.11412319_629157097120749_9212233169371487423_n

I love the Victoria’s Secret PINK MLB collection. It brings a fun and girly twist to otherwise standard major league baseball fan apparel. I purchased the shirt I’m wearing from the collection and love showing both my team spirit and personality through the fun sequins on the tank. Another great option, just for Yankees fans though, is Amber Sabathia’s collection (she’s CC Sabathia’s wife, and if you don’t know who that is this probably doesn’t apply to you) for tiny MLB fans. Although there’s nothing wrong with a signature Mets or Yankees jersey, these alternative options are more expressive (and actually a lot less expensive).

How do you like to show your team pride?

Stay classy! xx