The Flav-Er(ful) Pick-Me-Up You Need To Try

If you’re like me, you know the importance of a delicious chocolaty cheat treat. 11873809_646492955387163_6294488970376069623_n
You also know that one quickly turns into two, then three, then you decide to skip your workout because you don’t have the energy, and then you reward yourself with one more before bedtime. I’m not exactly exaggerating. Losing focus on living a healthier lifestyle can result in these various consequences, even with one small “cheat” decision. Fortunately, although they don’t curb my cravings for chocolate, Fla-Ver candies definitely have a low-calorie kick that’s the perfect portable midday treat.

11230103_646492972053828_7324414037352386963_n            Coming in five flavors including: Peppermint, Lime Chipotle, Rosemary, Pineapple Jalapeño, Popcorn and Cherry, these candies live up to their name. Not a fan of spice, biting down on a handful of Lime Chipotle brought a taste of heat that I was not expecting from a candy. But the Cherry Flav-er satisfied my sweet tooth. It tastes nothing like the cough-drop flavor I’ve come to expect. As each candy is artisan crafted and features a gourmet taste, the cherry tasted amazing. Not to mention each pack of candy is less than 100 calories!

Unfortunately you can’t purchase these awesome candies—Yet! They are still being funded via Kickstarter and are two weeks away from reaching their goal. If you feel compelled to donate and help Fla-Ver hit the shelves you can do so here.

            Stay Classy! xx