Late Summer/Fall Trends: Nude Heels

There’s something popping up all over red carpets and amongst the Hollywood glamorous again. Amidst colorful snakeskin heels and knee-high metallic leather gladiator sandals (the ancient Romans must be so proud), people are turning back to a classic look — with a simple nude heel.

My latest shoe haul was somewhat uncharacteristic of me, as I generally try to shop somewhat minimalist (everyone that knows me is definitely laughing as they read this, but really, at least I try!), as in purchasing one pair of nude heels would be sufficient. But what one must realize is that there are many different shades of nude! So, the more the merrier. Each hue matches different sets of colors, and upon this realization there was no way that I could not leave without these three beautiful pairs of shoes.

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These rose hued nude platform leather heels are from Rachel Zoe and I cannot stress how much I love them. Despite their height ,the platform aids in making walking feasible (just avoid cobblestone streets!) and the light pink snakeskin on the platform adds a chic element to the shoe. Ever since my competitive soccer days, I have had trouble with blisters on the back of my heels, but with these shoes I do not need to worry about that. They have a soft leather cushioned heel, making these one of the most comfortable heels I have worn. They retail for about $430.


These tan leather-soled heels from Joan & David are absolutely beautiful. They give me a fantastic height and match just about everything in my closet. I wore them with a little black crochet Guess dress to my birthday tea and they were perfect. They are imported from Italy and have quickly become one of my go-to shoe staples be it for work, events or just a night out. They retail for around $200.


            You cannot get more classic chic than these. Franco Sarto has created the comfortable alternative to open-toe platform nude heels. These heels feature just a ___ inch boost and are super easy to walk in. The lighter nude color is definitely in style this summer and matches most of what is in your wardrobe. These are must-have shoes if you plan on walking a lot due to their height and they are a sophisticated staple that belongs in everyone’s closetThey retail for around $75.

Stay Classy! xx