Beauty From Beauty

Each day I come in contact with so many new beauty products that it can become overwhelming. Some have glamorous packaging and claim to do this or that but end up being nothing more than a sticky goopy mess, and others are somewhat plain and the products themselves do nothing that makes them stand out from their competitors. One of the things I love most about blogging is that through doing so I have come across some amazing people, companies, products and opportunities that I would not have otherwise known about. Most recently, the latest gem that I’ve found (on my doorstep actually, thanks Conundrum Marketing! xx) is the KYPRIS Body Elixir: Inflorescence.

In addition to the super cool packaging the awesome PR team put together, handwritten note from KYPRIS’ CEO on heart stationary in gold ink and a velvet bag that held the elixir, I immediately fell in love with the bottle design. Although it is minimalistic in the sense that it is easy to use (you just need to unscrew the cap and voila!), the Body Elixir bottle itself has a lovely lace pattern around it, a physical attribute that shows that KYPRIS puts as much effort into visual detail as it does to the detail of what is in its products.


Get ready to be blown away. So the Body Elixir: Inflorescence is meant to be used as a body oil. It moisturizes, enhances your skin’s elasticity, softens, tones and boosts luminosity, can be used as an antioxidant boost to SPF, diminishes the appearance of sun-overexposure and protects and inspires collagen protection, as well as being organic and sun-safe aromatherapy.

I’ve used the oil myself and in addition to smelling amazing, the oil does seem to exude all of these qualities successfully. It also serves as a great massage oil and is not at all greasy.

Now guess what’s in it? The amazing aroma it releases is created through its all-natural and organic ingredients: Neroli and Sweet Orange, Iris Stem Cells and Vitamin C Ester, Moringa, Sunflower, Tamanu and Prickly Pear.

11828764_645317018838090_4087230169055810509_nWhat I especially love about KYPRIS is that it believes “Beauty can only be created from Beauty itself. From us that means respecting the Earth, the souls that care for the land, the people who carefully collect these botanical treasures, and how each of these elements combines so you most benefit from and pleasure in your ecstatic self-care rituals.”

Additionally, putting their belief into action, all KYPRIS ingredients are:
Wild Crafted, Organic, Local, Cruelty Free, Clinically Proven, Co-op Grown, Vegan, Sustainably Procured, From Small Farms, Synthetic Fragrance Free, Synthesized With Green Chemistry, From Women Owned Farms, No Petroleum Anything, Certified Sustainable and 100% Natural and Nature-Derived.

You can purchase your own Body Elixir: Inflorescence here! The 100ml bottle retails for $95.

Stay Classy! xx