(Not So) Happily Ever After

We can try to ignore it because we are upset, but Jennifer Garner has been in the news A LOT lately, and it is not just because “13 Going on 30” was added to Netflix.

Garner and long-term hubby Ben Affleck recently made a joint statement that they were divorcing. The media ate this up, throwing them under the bus as bad parents and throwing out statistics like “2.6 million children who have parents going through a divorce feel like their worlds are falling apart.” OK, Today Show, way to be harsh.

The divorce is upsetting to a lot of the public because Garner and Affleck were one of Hollywood’s most “normal” couples. (As normal as multi-million dollar celebrity parent couples can be, that is.) When they were around, they picked their children up from school together, played in the park, went to the zoo… They were relatable.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer at a screening of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Not So Good, Very Bad Day.” Somehow my intuition had timed my arrival and departure of the event perfectly and I ended up walking in and out of the event with her. (Oh yeah, this was not casual. I’m a huge fan… who isn’t?) I actually saw her text former hubby Ben Affleck too— did I mention that? How crazy is this…

I believe that the media needs to be less harsh on the couple. Their marriage lasted longer than most celebrity couples and they will remain friends, which will make the transition a lot easier for their children. Both Jennifer and Ben are wonderful actors, parents and people, and like just about everyone else, they are doing the best they can.

Stay classy! xx