Weekend R&R

In my last post I discussed burnout and ways to prevent it. Fortunately, I followed my own advice this weekend and gave myself the luxury of spending a day at the beach. The weather was gorgeous, with the exception of a small sun shower, and I spent the day relaxing with my mom and three sisters.


 Full of naps, yummy snacks, beach walks, and stone collecting and paddle balling (or wave surfing in the cold water for the braver ones of the family) it truly was a day to simply reflect on all of life’s blessings while appreciating the natural beauty that was surrounding us!

I have a Steve Madden beach mat with a pillow that is perfect for lying down and tanning or napping, all of which I did, and I started a new book. So many little things that just add up to a big bundle of summer happiness! I have come to realize that this kind of mental rest and physical relaxation is absolutely necessary in order to continue being successful with what one does during the week. And what better way to do it than surrounded by loved ones?

PC: cczochanski

This is especially an important weekend for this kind of bonding with Father’s Day sneaking up on us tomorrow. Though my dad likes the beach, he would much prefer spending a day at a baseball diamond, which is what we will be doing instead. It’s his day after all and it’s the least we can do to make him happy after all he does for us!

                   Stay classy! xx