Cookin' Good

My perspective from the Art of Pie photo shoot.

There are certain moments in ones life where one can see his or her journey coming together and he or she knows that they are on the right path, despite being naïve to the final destination.

It is not by accident that one comes across a “ping” moment, because the purpose of such moments are to confirm that you are on the right path. In my case, I believe that it is no coincidence that over the course of the month of April through June (and through July) I found myself working at The Countryman Press, a division of W.W. Norton Publishing, which focuses on lifestyle books; mainly cookbooks and guides for wellness. As well as Good Housekeeping magazine, a popular women’s lifestyle magazine that was founded in the early 1800’s. I do not believe it to be a coincidence that I have both met and tasted the amazing food creations of Gail Simmons, head of special events at Food & Wine magazine, as well as a Top Chef Judge and Host. And I believe that it is absolutely no coincidence that these jobs, one way or another, led me into the studio apartment to assist New York Times food writer, columnist and food photographer, Andrew Scrivani, during a photo shoot. (which has now led to a freelance personal assistant and shoot assistant position starting this fall!)

During the photo shoot my eyes were opened to a whole new lifestyle category, one that I love to partake in (as an eater and baker) and now one that I find myself interested in delving into deeper; as a food journalist and food blogger.

I believe that each of these steps has happened for a reason. Be it to help me grow as a person, to aid me in figuring out my true interests and passions, or even to get my foot in the door of my next adventure.

I also believe that it is all of these experiences mixed, blended and folded into one another that cooked up another interest — and possible passion — in me.

Check out the Photo Album for more photos from the New York Times photo shoot (capturing the beauty of homemade pies for a Countryman Press cookbook, The Art of Pie). And be on the lookout for the latest addition to Class and the City… The Classy Cook.

     Stay classy! xx