POTW: Splendid Spoon

POTW: Splendid Spoon

Don’t you just love how your cravings change with the weather? Although what we’ve been dealing with in NYC is 60 degrees one day and 20 degrees the next (what is happening?!) I’ve realized that you can’t go wrong with a bowl of warm and hearty soup. Of course, the best soups are homemade (as are most things!) for a number of reasons. First, you know exactly what your body is consuming. There are no tricky crazy long indecipherable words on the ingredient list because you’re physically putting them into the pot. Second, your result will taste and be so much more fresh – meaning that it will taste SO much better. And third, why bother with soup out of a can that’s been sitting on the shelf for months when you can slurp down a yummy creation that’s been made and tailored just for you?


For all of these reasons, I enjoy making my own soups. You might remember last winter when I made a coconut carrot soup creation. It was so yummy and easy to make (besides peeling the carrots, but maybe next time I’ll just wash them and eat them as-is… there’s more fiber in them that way anyway!


This gorgeous bowl of purple soup you see however, was not made by me. I know, I know. Why have I been preaching about homemade this and that when I’m not even eating it myself? But as much as I’d love to say I have enough time to make everything on my own (ha, I’m a full time student who works 40-hour weeks between two jobs) there are sometimes where you have to let yourself go… and indulge in a cuppa something homemade by someone else! 😉


Splendid Spoon was a lifesaver and I consumed their delicious soups over the course of a souper cold week (see what I did there??) 🙂 Through their company you can do a Soup Cleanse (new food trend, believe me) with either hot or cold soups (some soups come in to-go bottles and you can drink them on-the-go… again, believe me.) You can also just order different soups for purchase and eat them as you please! I HIGHLY recommend this “Red Beet Buddha Bowl” which has beets, sweet potatoes and quinoa as its’ shining stars ehhem, S(O)UPERFOODS. (Sorry, I’m having too much fun with this.) 😉 PLUS, as an added bonus each soup comes wrapped up in one of these inspirational quotes. x


Stay Classy! xx