Review & Giveaway: pHur Organic Disinfecting Water and Cleaner

Whether you are happily expecting like Beyonce and Amal Clooney, (I can barely contain my excitement about this, literally my two favorite celeb ladies!) or you are just looking for a new way to make your home healthier, this week’s featured product is sure to keep your home and family healthy the organic way.

pHur Water saw a very important gap in the home cleaning market and leapt straight into fixing it. From cutting boards to kitchen tables, yoga mats to work desks we all know how dirty and gross the things we use daily can become. A few months ago when I was looking into how to clean my yoga mat organically, I realized that the only options offered included harsh chemicals that I, under no circumstances, wanted to be inhaling during downward dog.

As I got back into cooking again (never lost my love for it, just the time in which I could do it!) I realized that the same went for my kitchen table, where most of my chopping and whisking and eating occurred. Did I really want to be wiping up food messes with chemicals? Did I want chemicals to surround the area where my roommates and I are constantly eating or doing work?

pHur created a totally organic and natural solution to this. Their formula cleans just as well as those I’d been using in the past, but the disinfectant and cleaning sprays are made from just two ingredients (that are totally legible and don’t need to be translated in a Google search) water and salt. That’s it! And believe me when I tell you that it works.


If you’re ready to start living cleaner and more naturally, you can purchase your own pHur System Kit for $30.95, here! The kit comes with a bottle of Disinfecting Spray, Cleaning Spray, a microfiber cloth, and an On-The-Go Disinfecting Spray (which is perfect to bring to the office).

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