Why Kombrewcha Is About To Super Charge Your Next Happy Hour

Why Kombrewcha Is About To Super Charge Your Next Happy Hour

If you haven’t found yourself on the kombucha band wagon just yet, you aren’t alone. I had been skeptical of the so-called “miracle drink” that says it can do everything from align your chakras to give you enough energy to get through the day. Actually, I still haven’t even tried downing one of the many flavors that it comes in… except for the alcoholic version.


No, I didn’t cheat on Whole 30 (which brings you on a sober kick for 30 days). I actually tried Kombrewcha right before starting the diet. Here’s why you might want to try it at your next happy hour or girl’s night in.

Keep reading to find out the benefits of kombucha and it’s alcoholic sister drink, Kombrewcha.


Kombucha, the non-alcoholic drink, is essentially fermented black tea (yes, there IS caffeine in this drink) and natural sugars that come from fruit. Because it is fermented, it is good for gut health and your digestive system, just like Whole 30! In addition to improving your digestive system, it is also known to help mood stability and mental clarity.

Add a little bit of alcohol to it and voila, you get Kombrewcha. Kombrewcha is basically beer for the wellness junkies out there. It only has 2% alcohol which may seem ineffective when compared to other options, but for only 75 calories a bottle, light drinkers can actually feel a buzz.


Kombrewcha is the hippest new beverage option for those who want to cut virtually all harmful things out of their diets… cough, cough Whole 30 anyone?! And whether you try it out at brunch or at home, the delicious flavors won’t be a disappointment.

Stay Classy! xx

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