How To Whiten Your Teeth Using Only Natural Products – And Keep Them Healthy At The Same Time

How To Whiten Your Teeth Using Only Natural Products – And Keep Them Healthy At The Same Time

The end of October is practically synonymous with candy-binging and trick-or-treating. If you haven’t picked out a Halloween costume yet, you’re not alone! I plan on spending the rest of this week searching the depths of the Internet for Halloween beauty and costume inspiration (but I would love to hear any suggestions you may have as well!) Today marked the first day of my candy binge, thanks to a bag of Reese’s that was calling my name. I honestly never eat candy anymore – but ’tis the season!

Something I like to focus on every October is revamping my oral healthcare routine to keep my teeth healthy. Especially with an increased sugar intake at the end of the month – I swear, my favorite candy just keeps appearing right in front of me – I make sure that I’m using the best products to clean my teeth at least twice a day – and I’m so excited to share my favorites with you all!

I started using the sonic toothbrush by Toilet Tree Products – and it makes such a difference. You can set the brush on three different speeds, or you can let it run it’s programmed two minute course where it goes through each speed to ensure a clean set of pearly whites. To make the most out of my brushing experience, I started using Pop White toothpaste.

This brand of toothpaste is made with just a few all natural ingredients and contrary to the name, the toothpaste and mouth wash are a pretty dark purple. Why? Because the purple color counteracts with yellow stained teeth (if you like red wine or coffee, you know the stains I’m talking about). After using the Pop White toothpaste and mouthwash for just one day – my teeth were already visibly whiter. I’ve tried a lot of whitening products over the last few years and I’ve never experienced such an instant whitening result – especially from a product that’s made with all natural ingredients! Using the toothpaste and mouthwash makes me teeth clean and white – not to mention it adds a pop of color to my daily routine.

To finish up my routine, I like using Cocofloss. This utilizes the benefits of oil pulling in a way that is totally natural and non-toxic. Compared to regular floss, Cocofloss works better to clean your teeth in a stronger more sustainable way, and the infused flavors it comes in like coconut, orange, strawberry and mint makes the flossing experience so much less of a chore! Another routine tip: this facial cleanser by Belli beauty. Belli is an all natural healthy beauty brand that’s recommended for people with sensitive skin, or for those who are pregnant. This cleanser works wonders when used twice a day, or even just once in the shower.

Stay Classy! xx

Toilet Tree Products Sonic Toothbrush retails for $50 | Pop White Toothpaste and Mouthwash retail for $24 and $24 | Cocofloss retails for $8 | Belli Beauty Facial Cleanser retails for $22.