NYFW x Zang Toi Fall/Winter '17 Collection

Malaysian designer Zang Toi is known for creating clothing that is sophisticated, elegant and timelessly beautiful. He has dressed celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor and Eva Longoria, philanthropist Melinda Gates, Saudi Princess Haifa Bandar Al Saud, and now FLOTUS Melania Trump.

Backstage before the show the energy was zinging. Photographers, reporters, models, hair stylists and makeup artists, publicists and Toi himself were frantically zig zagging throughout the crowded space in preparation for the Fall and Winter 2017 collection’s big reveal. With everyone rushing around there was little room for someone to stand still, without ruining the constant flow of the backstage crowd. The clock was ticking and the models had to rehearse one last time before they walked a runway surrounded by editors and influencers.


You will find a sign like the above at every single fashion show, located right near the entrance to the runway. A quickly scribbled yet legible sign that reminds the models to be confident and flow with the pace of that specific show. For professionals this may seem unnecessary, but I know from my experience walking in the BooHoo x College Fashion Week Fashion Show a few years ago that the adrenaline rush that hits you right before stepping out into the seriously hot skylights can make you forget everything you’d practiced before.


Toi’s “Brilliant Royal Blue” collection combined luxurious texture with empowering shape. It was professional and feminine, comfortable and chic. The overall look was achieved with the help of the gorgeous “French Twist Chignon,” created by lead stylist Eiji Yamane using products from Macadamia Professionals.


One of my favorite looks from the show was the dress below, which is actually a bit shorter in the front despite the accented train in the back. You can see it in motion in the video I posted on my Instagram feed!


The collection was highlighted with gorgeous statement accessories, like the pearl tassel necklace pictured below. The collection isn’t out yet (we have to be patient for a few more months!) but I’m linking to a kind of similar one… sans pearls unfortunately. Another jewelry look that I loved was a three level layered large pearl look with a collared blouse and velvet pants. So gorgeous.


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Stay Classy! xx