Your Immune System Needs A Pick-Me-Up + Ester-C Giveaway

With the weather switching back and forth between snow and sunny spring days—in the same week—the environment isn’t the only thing that’s getting confused. Just like there’s currently fully bloomed cherry blossom trees in Washington D.C. right now, our immune systems are letting down their guards due to the trickery of the fluctuating temperatures.

According to a study on Vitamin C and Immune Function,  supplementing your diet with Vitamin C is an effective way to prevent illness or prolong the duration of an illness you are currently fighting. With our bodies in a state of confusion at the drastic weather changes we’ve been enduring, it is important that we keep feeding it the nutrients it needs to keep us healthy. This is where the new line of Ester-C’s immune strengthening products comes in.


I was at the launch party that Ester-C threw at The Marmara Park Avenue to celebrate their newest launch of products. There were snacks, drinks and super relaxing massages to help everyone charge their health while learning about the “better Vitamin C.”



Ester-C stays in your white blood cells for up to 24 hours, which is longer than the absorption of regular Vitamin C lasts. The new product line includes Immune Charge Gummies, 24-Hour Immune Support Vitamins and Immune Charge Quick Dissolve Tablets. The line is completely gluten-free, non-GMO and was created without using any artificial flavors.


Keep reading to find out how you can win products from the new Ester-C line!


Before we get into the giveaway details, let’s talk about how adorable this (1-year-old!!) Bernese Mountain Dog is. He was at the event as the Ester-C mascot and he was SO well-behaved!

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