When Life Gives You Cookie Monster…

Isn’t it surprising that just a reminder from your childhood could have such a fabulous impact on your day? Today I started my morning as usual, getting on the crowded NJ Transit and then the even more crowded Uptown 1 subway. I woke up at 6:45, but for some reason I felt lighter and happier than I had in weeks. I had finally been able to check off the biggest item of my to-do list, last night I finished the final edits of my novel manuscript and sent it to an agent in Paris for review. (*fingers crossed*)

I started my day at the Good Housekeeping magazine office, the 28th floor of the beautiful Hearst Tower. About an hour of work I began to hear delighted squeals from the editors and assistants throughout the office, and naturally, imagining something wonderful had been placed on the giveaway table, got up from my desk to see what was going on. Let’s just say this was not what I had been expecting.

The surprise visitors!

Two very special guests had come to visit! Elmo and Cookie Monster — no, they did not come from Times Square! They were celebrating their thirty-fifth birthday, they brought Baked by Melissa cupcakes! (Not cookies… I guess we know what happened to those) It was a totally unexpected surprise and changed the mood of the entire office.

Me with Elmo and Cookie Monster at the GH office!
Me with Elmo and Cookie Monster at the GH office!

This week we are closing up the August 2015 issue of Good Housekeeping and the office is full of stress and tension. Staff members are flitting around from desk to desk trying to compile last minute spreads and edits to add to the final product. Photo shoots are going on simultaneously for upcoming winter issues (I know, I know, it hasn’t even been great beach weather yet) and everyone is totally spread thin. Taking a few minutes to hang out with Elmo and Cookie Monster was the much needed surprise that relaxed everyone and brought them to reminisce about their childhoods.

These kinds of moments make you realize how important the little things really are, little surprises that happen to you each day! Most times, we are too busy rushing around from one thing to the next to reflect on something as simple as the kindness of the stranger who let you cut in front of him to refill your Metro Card or the beautifully written prose of the book you found in the Bryant Park Reading Room. If you take the next five minutes to reflect on moments like these from today alone, you will be surprised to see how great of a day you have actually had. Appreciating these little moments is what will help you tap into your inner happiness and even your childhood innocence and curiosity. There’s nothing wrong with being happy.

                            Stay classy! xx