Treat Yourself This Spring At Spa Week

Treat Yourself This Spring At Spa Week

Even if you skipped Spring Break this year it isn’t too late to treat yourself. Celebrate your personal and physical achievements during Spring Spa Week, where you can get professional holistic spa services for an affordable flat rate, all over the US! Everyone needs a little “me-time” every once in a while, and this is the perfect way to sneak it in this spring.

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), US healthcare costs are predicted to rise 5.8% each year until 2025. This is part of the reason that many people are turning to more holistic and organic approaches to preventative and restorative health. Including facials and massages, spas offer a ton of holistic healing methods that are sure to relax your body and mind.

A healthy lifestyle has the ability to change your body, mind attitude and mood – all for the better. Spa Week happens twice a year to celebrate these changes as well as continue to spread the message about how important it is to focus on health and wellness in your life. Whether you’re located in NYC, AZ or CA – there’s a spa in your area participating in Spring Spa Week. In fact, there are spas all over the country excited to offer affordable *~new~* treatments to celebrate the wellness achievements of their customers.


Between April 17th-23rd, these treatments will be incredibly affordable (think more than 50% off) and the services are getting creative. Usually $100-500, for the entirety of the week services at participating spas will be a flat rate of $50… which is incredible!

So if you’re in the Arizona area, try the Amethyst Massage or if you’re in New York City check out the facial options at The Red Door – Elizabeth Arden’s spa. I’ll be trying out some services in New York City in the coming weeks and will report back on my thoughts! You can start booking services on March 20th on the Spa Week site.

Stay Classy! xx