DIY Windowsill Vegetable Garden

DIY Windowsill Vegetable Garden

For an amateur gardener like myself – you’ve seen my most successful garden creation in my grapevine post from a while back – there’s nothing more satisfying than overseeing the process of creating a new fruit or vegetable from seed to sprout to snack.

Of course, carving out the time to do so on a larger scale takes patience and ample free time. That’s what inspired me to start my garden with just a few seeds and little flower pots. I can tend to the plants as I grow them inside on my windowsill and then after they sprout a bit I’ll find the time to transfer them outside. As long as the pots are placed in a spot where the sun can get to them – like your kitchen windowsill – your veggies will start sprouting in no time.


When potting my hopefully soon-to-be veggies and herbs I took the extra step of decorating the pots to brighten up the room. It was a fun and cathartic craft day for me as I sat out in my back yard painting and gluing beads to flower pots… it had been quite a while since I had last done a DIY or craft day and it felt good to do something both creative and mindless at the same time.

After the paint dried on the pots I used some potting soil (I’ve been composting in my backyard but the soil from that wasn’t ready to be used yet. If you have composted soil definitely use that – the nutrients will help your veggies grow better!) and planted the seeds. I drizzled them with water and took them upstairs into their new home. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for some sprouts by the end of the summer! x

Keep reading to see how to make your own d.i.y. windowsill garden.


Let’s Get Started:

Mini terra cotta flower pots
Organic vegetable and herb seeds
Martha Stewart acrylic paint
Martha Stewart glitter
Martha Stewart basic paint brush set

Let’s Get Crafty:

Use the paints and craft materials to decorate your mini terra cotta flower pots. If you’re doing this craft with kids and want to let them lead the way on this go for it! Just make sure that you wait until the paint is totally dry before you add the potting soil and the seeds. You don’t want the soil sticking to your decorations! After planting the seeds add water and bring them to their new home. Enjoy!

Let’s Get Creative:

Get creative with what you grow and how you decorate the pots. You can match them to your kitchen decor or simply let your imagination run wild!

Stay Classy! xx