College Fashion Week NYC: Primping Party

Landmark Renaissance buildings, cocktails and couture,
makeovers and Baked by Melissa- College Fashion Week has officially
kicked off in NYC — and guess who was selected to be one of the 16
college women to model in the NYC CFW show!
I spent Friday night in SoHo at the BareMinerals studio and
store, which was hosting the “primping party” for those of us who were
modeling in the fashion show the next day — as well as our friends!
The atmosphere was bubbling thanks
bm partyto the tunes from the awesome DJ that the
BareMinerals and CFW crew set up at the
front of the studio, as well as the
cocktails and cupcakes — Baked by Melissa
of course, what else could we expect to
snack on at a chic boutique SoHo event?
The models and our friends were
treated to early evening makeovers in the
studio, giving us plenty of time to go out
looking fabulous and show off our BareMinerals
glow! But before we could have that luxury, it
was time to practice our runway walk. And where
better to gain the confidence to walk a runway
with over 500 people watching you, many of who
are from magazines, but on the streets of NYC?
The models lined up in the orders that we had
been placed in for the show. I learned that the Saturday night NYC CFW
Fashion Show would be featuring three different looks, and that I had been
selected to be in “Model Group A,” which was featured in both the first and
third looks, and would require an outfit, makeup and hair style change in less
than twenty minutes.
Trying to put my nerves aside I began to strut down the SoHo
sidewalk,practicing my poses while being watched by confused New Yorkers
and tourists whokept stopping on my runway, wondering what they had just
walked right into (in some cases, quite literally walked right into). After walking the “runway” bm party mea few times, the model 

coordinator gave us a rundown of the schedule for the
pre-show and show and sent us off to get some beauty sleep before 9PM. I
collected my
friends from the nearby Chobani store and we shopped for a bit in
Anthropologie, watched
a few episodes of Sex and the City at my friend’s apartment on Thompson Street, and then headed home to Fordham where we decided to strut
down Arthur Ave. to meet our friends for
an hour or so and show off our
professionally done makeup. The weekend of fashion had officially begun!

You can find more pictures in the Photo Album 🙂

thanks for reading guys!
stay classy! xx