Real Beauty is Natural #NoFilter

     Jealousy. Bragging. Excitement. Habit. They all have one 
thing in common. They are the reasons why Generation Y is so 
obsessed with social media. The average person checks their 
phone every six minutes for goodness sake. I won’t deny that 
I just looked at my phone — not from a notification, just to 
look. Maybe it’s F.O.M.O., maybe we are addicted. Either way 
(or if we’ve fallen victim to both) something needs to change. 
We only have five more minutes before the cycle repeats itself.
     There is a comedy sketch by Louis CK where he brings 
awareness to the fact that most modern-day parents are missing 
out on their kids events and achievements because they are too 
busy trying to get the perfect angle through the screen of their 
video cameras or iPhones. Although his sketch is entirely 
hilarious, it is impossible for one to miss the message behind 
     It is sad that contemporary society experiences some of 
the most exciting occasions through a screen. And that the first 
thing one thinks of is to grab his or her phone to capture it. 
When we see a beautiful sunset, we turn to pick up our phone 
instead of simply appreciating the genuine (totally unfiltered) 
beauty that is presently right in front of us.
     Believe me, I’ve fallen victim to the incessant lure of 
thinking to capture incredible moments for social media instead 
of just admiring them in the present. Because of my iPhone, I’ve 
actually stopped being present — my mind constantly looking to 
the future. On my first vacation to Italy I travelled to the 
absolutely dazzling island of Capri. In addition to sipping on 
the most delicious limoncello I have ever tasted, I took a long 
mountainous and winding bus ride down to the Grotta Azzurra. 
Surviving the ride and claustrophobic staircase made of stones I 
hopped into a small wooden boat and rode into the grotto. It was a 
once in a lifetime. When the sunlight hit the water at a certain 
angle and the brilliant blue, a shade that could never be 
duplicated, spread throughout the grotto, I snatched the video 
camera from my father and spent most of the ride trying to 
film the color.
     I was in the middle of an incredible place of natural 
beauty, why was I obsessing on saving the moment instead of 
enjoying it in the present?
     We need to learn to be present. To fully appreciate 
life’s beauty by fully dedicating ourselves to being in the 
moment. To not waste our precious and irreplaceable time 
by being stuck on anything that already happened or may 
happen in the future.
     A few weekends ago I vacationed in Cape Cod, MA. One 
night my friend and I went down to the private beach for a 
bonfire. It was the perfect night, the warm and comfy glow 
of the fire meshing with the sound of the water behind it. 
The entire night was magic. One of the nights you know will 
stick in your memory for a while. The sand glittered and 
glowed in the dark. Not an exaggeration. I’ve never experienced 
it before, or knew it was even possible. (Note: Apparently it 
is when the sand’s phosphorous levels are too high. I promise, 
I was not seeing things.)
     But this was not the only magic that I got to experience. 
I saw two shooting stars and there was a surprise lunar eclipse. 
One of the guys I was with was so exhilarated by everything 
going on he started to run up and down the beach, eventually 
deciding to face the cold water to become a part of the scene, 
splashing under the blood red moon, in front of the glistening 
sand behind the ocean that had become one with the sky.
     This scene was not anything that could be snapped into a 
photograph. You cannot save a feeling to an album, or Instagram 
an emotion. Genuine, child-like delight is something that only 
those fully present can understand.
     Once you realize this and fully show up in the present, 
these moments will start to appear more and more often. And 
you’ll learn what it really means to appreciate the natural 
magic in your life.

stay classy! xx