POTW: Nounos Creamery

With holiday parties, snacking and hot chocolate binging just a few weeks away – well maybe the hot chocolate binging has started a bit early for some of us 😉 – it’s going to be more and more important to balance out our diets with fresh and natural ingredients. Keeping this in mind, let me introduce you to your new favorite yogurt!

Nounos yogurt comes in glass jars (which I’ve since put in the dishwasher and use as measuring and drinking cups… they’re adorably sized!) and is homemade on Long Island using only the best and freshest ingredients. When I had my first bite of the plain vanilla (I know, the plainest flavor of them all- but still my favorite!) it gave my taste buds such a shock. Instantly I was able to taste that the vanilla actually came from vanilla bean pods and had been ground up for the recipe. This mixed with the freshly strained yogurt was SO DAMN GOOD (and I don’t curse, so you know it’s real) that I had to tell everyone about it.


I made my boyfriend try the blueberry and my roomie try the fig. Each flavor was better than the next and I never heard a complaint from either of them… not once! BTW, these are some of the pickiest eaters I know.


It’s the little things that make a difference. Whether we’re talking about gifting, relationships or taste buds, putting in a little extra effort always goes a long way. From their packaging to their ingredients, this is exactly what Nounos does with their homemade yogurt products. We should probably follow their lead this New Year and vow to pay more attention to detail. We will sure be more productive when we’re able to split bigger goals into pieces, just like these homemade yogurts are SO much better because of the natural ingredients used to make them. I’ll be talking about New Year’s goals and wishes in another post later this week, but in the meantime be sure to order yourself some fresh Nounos yogurt!


Stay Classy! x