Fall Trends: Give Pearls A Whirl


It goes without saying that when it comes to jewelry, the classiest and most timelessly elegant statement pieces usually involve pearls. From Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton, the most upstanding and poised women can be found sporting beautiful pearl statement pieces. Yet even the most polished string of pearls can seem cliché or boring, which is why Vincent Peach puts more creativity into his pieces than simply stringing the pearls together.12191512_671150546254737_1649830726405680032_n

Peach’s craftsmanship is authentic and beautiful. His eye for detail is unparalleled as is his use of leather and pearls in his collection. This contrast is striking and even his simplest accessories make a statement by their meticulous design. I had never worn pearls with mixed media before and now that I have I know that it will be difficult to resist shopping the rest of his collection!

12049204_671150529588072_3423789835683347685_n            In the images, I am wearing the VP Wrap Flat Braid Bracelet made of braided brown leather and featuring a rare Tahitian Pearl (retails for $182). I love the way it accents my fall wardrobe and matches the foliage outdoors. This photo shoot was done in the New York Botanical Gardens, one of the most gorgeous spots to explore during autumn in New York City.

The Vincent Peach collection is popular among A-list singers and celebrities, especially among country artists including Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Florida Georgia Line. Many of the pieces in the collection are unisex, making them an easy and thoughtful gift for anyone on your list this upcoming holiday season!

You can shop the rest of the Vincent Peach collection, and the collection for under $200, here!

Stay Classy! xx