Classy & Comfy Collaboration With No Nonsense

I had such a relaxing Thanksgiving break, filled with family, friends, yummy food and really successful shopping trips and coming back to school was exactly as hard as I had imagined it would be. The first thing I did upon my arrival to campus was unpack and then head straight to the gym — no more stuffing for me! Then I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen for a week, as well as the homework I pretended I did not have while I was home. Slowly getting back into my routine, I knew that I would be losing sleep to get everything done on my to-do list. The next morning, there was nothing I wanted to do more than shut off my alarm and snuggle back into bed. Instead, I robotically got up, and rewarded myself by putting on one of my favorite pairs of leggings and the comfiest black fuzzy sweater. Ready to start my day, cup of black coffee in hand!

It is as if wearing leggings and a comfy sweater to class on Monday morning has become an unspoken yet expected uniform. Especially the Monday after a holiday weekend, the world seems to forgive you for throwing on the comfiest items in your closet. But sometimes it is creating a comfy yet put together look that helps you to tackle the week head on.

I love these olive green “Ponte Knit Pintuck” leggings from No Nonsense, because with the right styling, they can look incredibly put together while making you feel comfy throughout the day! I’ve also tried out the No Nonsense Zippered Cotton Leggings in Black and have found them to do the same. These leggings are great quality for a great price and have become wardrobe staples for me already.






                        Stay Classy! xx


Get The Looks:

No Nonsense “Twill Leggings in Shadow Olive,” retails for $14.99 / Forever 21 Fuzzy Black Cardigan (I got this on super sale in stores and couldn’t find it online so I’m linking to a similar style here,) retails for $27.99 / No Nonsense Zippered Cotton Leggings in Black, retails for $14.99 / Victoria’s Secret Leather Platform Booties (No longer in stock, I’m linking to a similar pair here!)

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