10 Valentine's Day Outfits That Will Make Your Closet Swoon

There are little reminders happening each day that show us the chilly month of February isn’t so bad after all. Think pink sunsets, beautiful floral bouquets, all the chocolate and heart decorations everywhere. February’s the month for celebrating *~love~* and whether you’re celebrating a romantic relationship, awesome friendships or just spoiling your perfectly wonderful self, the holiday means just as much.

In the past years I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day in all of these ways! One year (granted, this was a while ago and my friends were willing to put up with my party rules) I invited a group of friends over and had them dress in ALL pink for a Galentine’s Day party. (Galentine’s Day has since evolved into a non-dress code, or preferably PJ’s, wine and cheese and dessert night). Another year (my freshman year of college) I got out of class at 2p.m. cracked open a bottle of Prosecco and the heart shaped box of chocolates I’d bought myself, and started celebrating. (My roommates had a good laugh when they walked in the room.) Two years ago Ben and I had started dating, and spent the day navigating Manhattan in a snow storm and eating steak. And last year, *tear tear* Ben and I were in Paris for Valentine’s Day. I know, it’s hard for me to be reminded of it too.

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, (what’s up with that?!) Ben’s in class until 9pm and I’ll be attending some NYFW events in Manhattan, so I guess we’ll celebrate at night and maybe again on the weekend! Regardless of who you’re with or what you’re doing on the 14th, just take a moment to appreciate yourself and the special people in your life. <3

Keep reading to see some of my favorite shoes, accessories, dresses and tops that that will be sure to get you in a lovey mood. x

  1. Heart-Back Skater Dress $20
Photo: Charlotte Russe

2. Ginerva Leather Textured Crossbody Bag, $149.99 (SUPER SALE!)

Photo: Neiman Marcus

3. Bella Two-Piece Block Heel Sandals, $49

Photo: Macy’s

4. Cold Shoulder Shift Dress, $149

Photo: Nordstrom

5. Unlock My Heart Idiom Hinged Bangle, $78

Photo: Kate Spade

6. Ruffle Front Sweater, $46

Photo: Asos

7. Square Silk Scarf, $29

Photo: Nordstrom

8. Cold Shoulder Lace Up Back Gauze Dress, $49

Photo: Revolve

9. Dazzle Dazzle Heel, $128

Photo: Free People

10. Pom Pom Duster Earrings, $5.90

Photo: Forever 21

Still looking for other ways to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day? Be on the look out for my gift guide of gifts to get *~yourself~*! Or go bake yourself a lavender loaf cake… I promise you won’t regret it!