Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture Recap

SS’17 Paris Fashion Week (or PFW ) curated some of the most beautiful and romantic collections I’ve seen in quite some time. This year I was invited to some shows, but because I’m in NYC now (and not still in London) and had important things to attend to such as class and my internship, I was sadly unable to go. BUT the lovely lovely French people behind the four collections were kind enough to share highlights from the shows with me… and so now I want to share them with you!

As you go through the photos I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out some common themes and style trends that will be big this upcoming Spring and Summer. But a little hint, RUFFLES are going to be all the rage. I am SO excited!

First up is the SS ’17 Couture Collection from Celia Kritharioti – who showed her collection at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.


I am so enamored with the delicate lace, ruffles and sheer trends. I also am so pumped that light pink, baby blue and black are going to be big this Spring and Summer… White is in for Winter and black is in for Spring, this is totally something I can get behind!

Next is the SS’17 Couture Collection from Maria Aristidou – which was presented at Hotel Normandy.


I think this collection is especially interesting because it was designed around the concept of the word << labyrinth >>. Again we’re seeing some elegant gowns with the pale pink, black and even white. Metallics are in for this upcoming season and so are intricate embroideries. My favorite from this collection is definitely the bottom left.

Here we have the Ziad Nakad SS’17 Couture Collection, which he titled “Butterfly of Paradise” and showed in the Westin Hotel.


The intricate detail and craftsmanship put into this collection is simply divine. Again we’re seeing the pale pinks, off white, baby blue and now a light orange popping up in the dresses. There’s no shortage of lace, ruffles and sheer material but the striking part about the collection is the way Nakad was able to create such beautiful shapes with his design. The two dresses on the left are simply stunning, I think the crop top dress is so creative and timely and the dress above is such a beautiful shape.

Finally, we have the SS’17 Couture Collection from Patuna, which was also presented at Hotel Normandy.




This last collection was designed around the concept of “Versailles” with an Eve (and serpent) twist in the last design. I find these designs to be eye-catching and compelling. They are definitely wonderful inspiration to draw from while planning upcoming warm weather wardrobes.

Next stop: New York Fashion Week! x

Stay Classy! xx