The Silhouette

I ride
Smooth sailing engine down the Big Apple streets
Partition drawn up catching whispers and breaths
Though I may lead the way I still sit in the background
Spotlights reflecting, bending from me to them.

I am invisible
The vehicle, the messenger, the speaker
Collect all their secrets and empty glasses
They may know me not yet I stay like a ghost
But their lives are more haunted than we’ve ever thought

I am the keeper
In my hands I hold the keys to their life
Push the pedals and stop at wherever I like
But some follow and stalk and intrude on their world
In photos I’m faded, just a pawn in their show

I am their envy
My life is worth living
Spontaneous, full of risks
I go out without worry I’ll turn up on page 6

I am the silhouette
Amongst glamour and glitter I exist as just me
Ever watching the flashes attack through the glass
I’ll revisit that lifestyle every once in a while
In the rich backlit shadow of the black Escalade