The New Cleansing System That Will Help Defeat Dry Winter Skin


No matter how much moisturizer you lather on at night it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the dryness of your skin, right? No one wants to wake up and look at himself or herself in the bathroom mirror, just to be greeted by blotchy and dry skin. Mornings are already miserable enough!

Dry skin is a common issue seen among men and women during the colder months. “If we stop producing moisture or if heating sucks it out of the skin, and it’s not being replaced, that will tend to cause cracks that affect the barrier of skin,” explains Alan Menter, MD, an American dermatologist in an interview with Allure. Beauty brands offer a plethora of lotions; moisturizers and exfoliating creams to help skin get hydrated again.

Yet sometimes these products are not enough to fight off the winter skin dehydration.

Fortunately I came across American brand, Toilet Tree Products’ new Professional Skin Care System. This product immediately started showing results and my skin was not only incredibly soft, but also hydrated and healthier than it had ever been, even during the warmer months. PLUS it makes my pores so much smaller *does happy dance around bathroom.*

Up until this point I had only heard beauty editors, bloggers and friends raving about the efficiency of their cleansing facial brush. They claimed that not only did using a facial brush a few times a week make their skin incredibly smooth and hydrated, but it also gave their skin a super healthy glow.

Finally trying it out for myself, I can now understand why it has been such a huge beauty breakthrough.

The brush that I now currently use features a facial and body cleaning brush with four interchangeable attachments; a body brush, soft face brush, medium face brush and pumice stone. The system is incredibly easy to put together – this one runs on four AA batteries – and each attachment simply needs to be clicked and twisted into place. It is entirely waterproof which makes it an ideal addition to your shower routine.

Especially if you have sensitive – or dry – skin, I suggest that you start using this system gradually, perhaps twice a week. Doing so, and only using the Soft Face Brush at first will eliminate the possibility of unwanted irritation or breakouts. I find the Medium Face Brush to be on the softer side as well, yet the first few times I used it I found it to feel a bit rough on my skin.

Dermatologist Jason Emer is a big fan of cleansing systems such as the one I have been using from Toilet Tree Products. “A facial brush allows the dead skin cells to exfoliate quicker, and from that produce more collagen, and gradually [you] get tighter skin,” he said. “Plus, it removes any oil or makeup that is plugging pores and allows hydrating creams to penetrate skin better.”

In my own beauty routine I like to alternate between using my favorite facial cleansers, Purity by Philosophy, and Omorovicza Cleansing Foam. I apply the cleanser directly to my face, and then gently move my facial brush across my face in circular motions. I then rinse off the cleanser with water and after I dry off will moisturize using my Vichy Aqualia Thermal (I swear by all of the Vichy moisturizers – LOVE them!). I highly recommend this moisturizer as it is paraben free, super light, smells great and provides fortifying and soothing 24 hour hydration to your skin. This routine has worked wonders on my previously dry winter skin, which has now been pronounced to be “glowy.”

You can purchase the Toilet Tree Professional Skin Care System on their website and on Amazon. It retails for about $35.

Stay Classy! xx


Featured: Toilet Tree Products’ Professional Skin Care System (Retails for $35) / Jamberry Nail Wraps Linking to a similar one in “Diamond Dust Sparkle” (Retails for $15) / Purity by Philosophy (Retails for $11-55 depending on size) / Omorovicza Cleansing Foam (Retails for $80) / Vichy Aqualia Thermal Moisturizer (Retails for $20).