Paris, France Day #2 (Pt.1)


If there is one thing that makes getting out of bed super early in the morning a little bit easier, it is the fact that there is a delicious fresh crêpe awaiting your arrival at the end of the block. I tried out un crêpe avec « oeufs, fromage e jambon » and also un crêpe avec « nutella e banana » this morning. AMAZING. Delicious. I ended up eating so many crêpes on this trip and now I’m now addicted to them. Mmmm.


So after crêpe number one of the day, Ben and I walked half an hour to a tourist office to buy a museum pass, only to find out it didn’t open until 3p.m. European work schedules seem so nice! Upon this discovery we decided the only thing to do would be – you guessed it – eat another crêpe. So we went to a nearby crêperie and gobbled down another « nutella e banane » crêpe and also a croquet monsieur (because realistically, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to eating only crêpes all day).

Crepe monsters 1 & 2

Feeling full, again, we figured out we were not far from the Louvre and started to head in that direction. The Louvre was an incredible piece of architecture. It is a totally fantastical idea that Louis XIV could possibly declare it “too cramped” and build and move to the Palace of Versailles instead. Yet it is fortunate for us that this occurred, because now Louvre Palace has been turned into the most visited museum in the world! This also means it has the craziest lines to get in. And when we saw the length of the Friday afternoon line we decided it was not the right time to visit the Louvre and headed over to the Musée d’Orsay instead.


The museum was curated in an old train station on the left bank of the Seine. It gave me some Grand Central vibes and if GC ever closed I could totally see them turning it into a museum like this! The collections it held were fantastic – tons of Renoir, Degas, Monet and Van Gogh.

Pretty sure I have the same cape…




Its café had freshly squeezed orange juice which was clutch because Ben and I were fighting off being sick the whole day. After completing our rounds at the Musée d’Orsay I (of course) took a rainy day picture with the adorable elephant statue as we started on our way back to power nap before the long night we had planned ahead of us.


Stay Classy (& Eat Crêpes)! xx