Let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions. I know, I know, it’s way too early for this, you’re still trying to get through the next few crazy busy weeks of long lines and holiday shopping, menus, an occasional workout and to-do lists galore. You’ve got your hands over your ears – well eyes – and don’t want to read another word on this page. I get it. But let me implore you to keep going, since this isn’t going to be one of those cheesy “make 2017 your best year ever” how-to guides.

I hadn’t fully accepted that it was already December when I went for a walk on my lunch break last week. Instead of staying in the direct area I decided to treat myself to a nice long walk – yes, treat yourself! – since I’d finished the majority of my work for the day and could totally use some me time that didn’t include sitting at a desk… or just sitting in general. Going away from my usual direction, I forced myself to go to the center of it all, Times Square. Among crazy slow-walking tourists tripping over their feet and their neighbor’s selfie sticks I came across a little booth full of what at first glance looked like sticky notes.

As I got closer I realized that the little square were colorful pieces of confetti pinned up on a board. People were lined up to write down their New Year’s wishes, which would be put into the big crystal ball and released to the crowd when the ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I’ve wished for the same thing on my birthday and other wishy occasions for the last few years. This year, it finally came true. So I was at a loss for what to write when it came to my turn. World peace? That a certain president-elect doesn’t ruin our country? Maybe that I’ll graduate college with a job offer? All sounded pretty sweet to me and I’ll be frank, I filled out a few little pieces of confetti. Because if someone offers you the spontaneous chance to dig deep and think about what you really want, you should probably make the most out of it.


I won’t tell you what I wished for, but I’ll say that I know it won’t come true unless I work towards it. As with anything, I’m a strong believer in doing things myself. I like being independent and know that I can reach my goals if I put in the effort. Whatever they may be this season, I know that I’ll be trying my best to make them happen.

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions every year is to “be healthier.” Unfortunately, this is such a vague and misguided goal that it usually hinders the person’s success. Pick apart that resolution into a few different sections, such as: eat healthier, exercise more, write in a gratitude journal, meditate, eat out less. All of these elements will give you more guidance on how to reach your ultimate goal and they’ll also give you guidance along the way! Start setting you own goals now and slowly begin incorporating them into your daily routine. If you kick off 2017 with some of the hard stuff already out of the way, you’ll for sure have a successful year!

Stay Classy! xx