Cheers to 2022

Cheers to 2022

The New Year comes with a chance for hope for a happy and healthy year. As we extend beyond year two of the pandemic, it might seem a bit difficult to bring hope into our mindsets, but that is why it is so important to do so.

I’ve found tremendous solace in books over the past years. You may have seen my content shift away from the traditional long-form reviews and features that I’ve done on Class and the City, and instead move over to reviews and features on my new Instagram page, @booksareclassy. This shift was important to me because it gave me a community to discuss the things I care about.

I joined a book club through #bookstagram, started working with some of the top publishers to review not-yet-released books. I even connected with authors and had one of my posts reposted by Nicholas Sparks on all of his social channels. It goes without saying, leaning into my interest in books has been a safe haven for me. And as I continue the mission of this website, I will continue to focus solely on things I find that support my self-care – like books, wine, and the latest clean beauty products.

I am hopeful to post more frequently this year – using this space more consciously and with the purpose of bringing what’s working for me into the world so it can inspire you too. Not only will I be reading, writing, working and continuing my Master’s, but I’ll also be navigating the exciting time of planning a wedding! There’s a lot to look forward to this year, and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey together.

xx, Felicia