CCG On the Guest List

     “This can’t be it,” I muttered to myself as I walked up to 
the door to check the number for the third time. Indeed, the 
white paint did feature the building number I was looking for, 
yet seeing it close up still didn’t convince me that I was in 
the right place. For such an elite event space, House Play 
definitely did not look like much from the outside. I was 
worried that the publicist, who had invited me to the launch 
party over a month ago, had given me the wrong address.
     After living in New York City for less than a year I still 
have yet to decide if commuting is a blessing or a curse. I’m not 
just talking about the days when I need to spend an hour and a 
half on a train and multiple subways just to get to my internship 
in the Village when I’m living in New Jersey, but even the shorter 
commutes from work to events such as this one. Especially when one 
takes a train or subway alone, the time seems more than plentiful 
to sit back and think about one’s day, to-do list, or in my case, 
to excessively plan everything and anything that pops in my head. 
The subway ride on the way to the Flatiron District the day of the 
launch party consisted of just that. I had mulled over my entrance, 
gone through my notes on the Fendi/Moschino/Levi’s 
model-turned-photographer who’s studio was about to launch and whom 
I was going to interview for a feature, as well as the name and 
background of his publicist who had found and put me on the guest 
list in the first place. I planned it all down to a T, so you can 
imagine what was running through my head when there was no sign of 
exclusivity on the outside of the building.
[ Things I Learned #1: When attending exclusive events 
in the city, where the address is only given out and 
known by those on the guest list or members of the 
event space/club, it’s common for them to be hidden 
in plain sight. Duh. ]
     Anyway, putting my previous perceptions aside, I buzzed 
up to the fourth floor, responded with the name of the launch 
party, and was directed to the elevator. House Play did not 
disappoint me any longer. The silver doors slid open and I 
landed in the center of a dimly lit haven of red velvet 
cushioned chairs, black leather couches, a pool table, and a 
well-stocked open bar. Upbeat music was playing at a volume 
kind to the low murmur of voices that danced throughout the 
room, and along the brick walls a line of flat screens played 
slideshows of shoots that had been taken by the 
model-turned-photographer, Harley Hall.
     The bouncers, both stylishly dressed in black, came to 
meet me as I entered and asked for my name. (BTW it was 
totally exhilarating to see my own name and a paragraph about 
me on such an exclusive guest list!) I then meet Kelly, 
Harley’s publicist who swoops me up after a “big hello” and 
takes me directly to her client who was chatting by other 
guests at the bar. It only took two seconds for me to understand 
how he had been a model for such high-end designers, 
he definitely had a presence, a confidence about him that fit it 
all together.
     We chatted for a while, delicious tea-infused cocktails 
in hand, on the black leather couch — one of his longest 
interviews of the night actually! And then I let him get 
back to his own party, and went over to speak to his 
publicist, who gave me my first job offer of the night! 
(if only I were graduating in the near future…) Celebrating 
my first job offer of the night I sipped another type of 
cocktail as well as a glass of rose before sauntering out to 
the balcony to continue with my networking. Ten minutes later 
and I receive my second job offer of the night! I had actually 
met someone who had recently graduated from Fordham, my 
university, and we got along instantly.
     Some more celebration was obviously called for, and 
then I decided it was time to head home. I went around to 
say my goodbyes and collect my goodie bag from Kelly. It 
was a totally successful, classy night in the city.
     Oh, and did I mention that Irina Sherayeva was there? 
Turns out Harley is going to be shooting her bridal line that 
comes out this upcoming year!
Be sure to check out my Photo Album page for pictures of the 
Thanks for reading guys!
stay classy! xx

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