The Seekers

The stars play hide and seekWith the skylines in your eyesDouble vision horizonsDeepening blue ocean tonesLightweight tinseled breath,Inhaling constellations — connections.Under the surface, we exist.We are the seekers.But what are “we”?Each twinkling shoots,Knocking their neighbors like bocce in summerBringing them closer, more intimate,Yet further by distance.They travel the slide of the little big dipperOf the… Read More The Seekers


My Childhood Metronome

Childhood echoes bounce through my windowA nostalgic drumming that still peeks through my blindsA beat with no answerA tune without timeThe metronome pauses for years without warningIs it battery-run, did the battery die?Can you replace something that was never alive?Or just spark with what fuels an all-natural engine?A hybrid of sorts, retains only your mention.Childhood… Read More My Childhood Metronome

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A Conversation With Cancer

Cancer:“ A half empty cup can never be fullTo hear a pessimist is quite optimisticFor many feel insane that they are loosing controlOf the feelings caught in the seams of their smilesOthers can feel a similar shudder,Knowing that pain can never go awayFor its memory is constantly intactSpiking and prickingIn the threads of the blaze… Read More A Conversation With Cancer


Fences and Thrones

If only you’d stopped running,You’d know the truth by now,If you’d only brought your head backDown from all those clouds,And I’m disappointed that in all thatTime you were the one,Who would blend with all the others—Another one that loves to run.So you’re sitting on the staircase,Drinking there alone,And I’m waiting on the other sideOf promises… Read More Fences and Thrones


On the Dot

     Let me tell you something about being punctual. First of all, the last time I used the phrase “been more punctual” my friend laughed and he proceeded to muse about how only I would choose such diction over the more common, “on time.” Actually the vocabulary upgrade is something that comes just as naturally… Read More On the Dot



Tie the knot of a love detouraround the turn the heart shall befriendfinding truth and simplicity galoreslowly waiting to reach the endcrawling along a tortured roadallowing only thoughts to flowerupt in fervid flame to goadchanging the light, now able to gothe stop sign stands around the cornerbending beneath a tall wide bushtricking those who did… Read More Forget-Me-Knot


A Poet's Heartbeat

The air is regurgitated and sprawls me across the floorThe blow causes a convulsion,Writhing my thoughts together in an irregular motion.I am drowning in deeper watersAs each second dies byThe pandemonium of the irregular heartbeatClaps away from the monotonous normWe are emotionally disturbing creatures.As every year ticks by slowly, creeping,And abruptly accelerates at the end… Read More A Poet's Heartbeat


Miss Dior

Her favourite was Dior.Watercolours drip on a baby canvasThe glossy Vogue advertisement reincarnateSimilar, but I knew the difference.It feels like flying,The brush strokes danced creating colour,Across the Parisienne skylineOr is it more like floating?Delicate fingers enlace the ribbon of future,Grasping tightly to what could be,Desperate for the journey to continue.The ribbons of a rainbow,Pastels intertwine… Read More Miss Dior


When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings

     “When the dog bites, when the bee stings…” Well thank you Julie Andrews for such enlightening words, but fortunately I’ve managed to avoid all biting dogs and all but one vicious bee in my lifetime. In a literal sense, this classic Sound of Music song is most certainly one for the ages. I believe… Read More When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings


The Race

We race everyday.Just him and I.But usually it seems like I don’t even try.It’s actually strange, because I’m competitiveBut it makes no difference when life gets ahead of it.I usually stay for as long as is possible,Cuddling sleep like there’s no tomorrowForgetting the race that I’m constantly runningInevitably losing to the fate I’m consuming.We race… Read More The Race