Fences and Thrones

If only you’d stopped running,
You’d know the truth by now,
If you’d only brought your head back
Down from all those clouds,
And I’m disappointed that in all that
Time you were the one,
Who would blend with all the others—
Another one that loves to run.

So you’re sitting on the staircase,
Drinking there alone,
And I’m waiting on the other side
Of promises unknown,
And our friendship dies with every sip
Of whiskey that you take,
For how much longer, do you think
I’m actually gonna wait.

And so I stand distracting,
Myself from all I’ve known,
Of you and what you want to do;
I’ve left that on your throne—
And I can dance, all by myself,
And find another guy,
But deep within I know it’s you
Who should be by my side.

And it’s just too tough to look at,
From a rational perspective,
Cause I’ve barely known you,
But the power’s been elective,
And the feelings are irrational
Way too strong for sense,
But in your eyes, I can see—
I’m not alone on this fence.