This City is a Fairy-Tale

each glimmer shows a blessing
from the city that stole my heart
you can't see them from a window
separation from the magic
every droplet reveals secrets
of the life in every light
of the revving of the tires
against the current of the noise
and the movement of the buildings'
reflections in the water
in the glasses on the rooftops
in the bubbles in the goblets
the reflection of the swaying 
to the hum of our desire
and the dance of every tongue
splurging lux unwritten stories
in the city of no sleeping
new life revives throughout
in the tracks above the skyline
in the twirling of the dusk
squinting blurs the image
yet hurry heightens lust
and awnings embrace dampness
above the studios in the Village 
and the blinking lights of love and life 
continue with their shifting
their turning and their speeding
impatience fills the air
each crystal mirror falling
dripping city secrets
some mine not for telling
for trust remains within
vast doors throughout this city
entice those not expecting
surprises drip from lampposts
under staircases
on the landing
our feelings melt so simply
made concise and hopeful
in the shimmer on the pavement
you find innocence again 
in a city that is sleepless
known for apples in the stands
and for yellow cabs impatient
for the businesswoman's hand
Radiating successes
there's magic all around
at a stoplight or a platform
when we pause the rush
and take in such surroundings
letting bliss surge electric
billboard-bright infatuation
with the fairy-tale of the city
with the shimmer and the sparkle
and the honks and commuter shuffle
and i refuse to fall asleep
in a place that's such a thief 
yet i know that i am foolish
for my heart has already merged
with every story of discovery
I stay awake exploring
lured by glamour, crazy movement
my desires sleep in droplets
waiting to be found.

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