Root For Your Favorite NCAA Team With Jamberry!

Jamberry BBall

The 2016 NCAA Championships are coming to a close! Last night UNC beat Syracuse and Villanova crushed Oklahoma. Out of my bracket, I’ve only got UNC still standing – but hey, they could be the winners of the whole tournament which would be awesome for me! 😉

The March Madness tournament flew by for me this year as I am in London and there is virtually no way to watch the games. The British are super into football (aka soccer) and rugby and that’s about it when it comes to sports. I was able to watch the Superbowl back in February, but for some reason basketball has just not caught on here!

The bracket that I made predicted a Duke and UNC championship, and I’m just glad that I got half of that right! I’ll be rooting for UNC in the final March Madness game and even have the nail wraps to show my team spirit!

JamberJamberry came out with a huge (and adorable) new collection of university nail wraps this winter. Even though my actual university (Fordham) is not on the list (yet!!) I’m excited to wear these cute UNC nail wraps in the next few weeks. I love the zig zag and polka dot blue and white patterns and that Jamberry is getting creative with them beyond just a traditional school logo! The nail wraps will be on sale long after the championship game, so you can totally keep supporting your team (or school) all throughout the summer.

Stay Classy! xx (& Go UNC!)